77th Street Outing: Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horrors 2012

Office staff of 77th Street headed down to Universal Studios Singapore last week for its Halloween Horrors Night! 😀

It runs from 8pm-12am and we reached there around 8pm. Man, was the que LONG! There were two massive ques from USS’s entrance of more then 100metres. no kidding! the picture of the que is up on the top left corner.

Inside USS, every staff were dolled up. even the ticketing man. Have to hand it to them. I wonder how much money they spent on makeup artists?

There were people everywhere but not to the point that its squeezy. I thought that traffic was just right. not too extremely crowded nor emtpy. We went up to several of the “ghosts” to take pictures and didnt have to wait much.

the 3 haunted houses, however, was a huggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wait. que was crazy long and we waited 1 and a half hour to get in the first one. 2nd and 3rd haunted house took an hour each.

We were using regular tickets; not express ones. The express ticket holders zipped through another que and did not have to wait much at all! i think at most 10 mins for each house for them -.-  it is really worth it. I’d get the express tickets next year.

Other den the houses, most of the major rides were available. but because of the waiting time of the haunted houses, we dont have time to ride them at all. 😦 GET THOSE EXPRESS PASSES!

Many more ghosts, props and ghostly stuff along the path as you walk in USS.

Do view our facebook for the rest of the pics!




Lastly, FREE HUGS!!!!!


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