Dyeing Your Hair Pastel Color

How do you dye your own pastel hair? This article is a step-by-step guide on how to dye your hair to the perfect pastel color! The hottest beauty trend for 2013 is pastel hair. Pastel hair is really cool, and not as hard to attain as most people think.


 I’ve had my hair in three different pastel shades and a couple other colours in between and through extensive research and trial and error. I have now found the perfect strategy for pastel locks.

 In order to dye your locks to the color you desire, you ought to have in mind two things. Firstly, there is absolutely no substitute for quality hair dye products. If you buy a less expensive product now, you may have to pay more later to fix any damages that might occur. Next, don’t overdo the bleaching!


Bleaching Your Hair

Unless you have naturally blonde hair, you must first bleach or pre-lighten your hair so as to attain pastel hair shades. Bleaching your hair should be done very carefully so as not to get the dye on your skin. I know this sounds unavoidable because you are putting bleach on your head, but as far as you can, try not to let the bleach get onto your scalp. Also ensure that you wash hands, shoulders and neck after that.


I usually buy those off the shelf bleach dyes. Since these are easily available, they can be easily found. Most people will tell you to let your hair rest for a week before re-bleaching. That probably is better for your hair, but I never do that because I don’t want to walk around with weird coloured hair.


Toning The Hair

This step can be optional if your hair has bleached to a very pale yellow or white. A toner works to remove unwanted pigments left behind after hair lightening. The toner will clean out unwanted pigments that are opposite the color wheel. Using a blow dryer will also make it work faster.


Dye Your Hair

Now it is time to dye your hair the beautiful pastel colour that you desire! I recommend buying Manic Panic hair colors, especially the amplified versions. If you wondering where to get Manic Panic in Asia, you can get them from Singapore’s 77th Street webstore: www.77thstreet.com


You will also need to get a big container of normal white conditioner without sulfates. Squirt enough conditioner to cover all of your hair into your mixing bowl, then add a little bit of the color you want. Start with less dye since you can always add more later. Mix the dye well. Once you have the color you want, apply it very generously and wrap your hair in saran wrap so that the dye stays moist.


Ensure that you are not going anywhere the day you dye your hair as you’ll want to leave the dye on for as long as possible. When done, rinse all of the conditioner and dye out of your hair and presto, you should now have perfect pastel hair! You can get your Manic Panic hair dye products here.


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